Indigenous Interactive Multimedia Program

Our Program

Enhance your digital skills! Broaden your education and your career with the eight-month Indigenous Interactive Multimedia Program.

The program delivers two four-month sessions. The first builds your skills and the second builds your experience. During the first four months you will build interactive multi media skills through hands on learning. Then you will complete 4 months of work experience developing your skills in a professional environment.

The program explores the essential skills needed to understand the basics of Interactive Multimedia. You will learn an array of digital software and use computer graphics, video production (filming and editing), sound design, motion graphics, and web design (HTML and CSS).

Everyone develops a professional portfolio for employment and academic admissions. Portfolios document both formal and informal learning making you better prepared for admissions to multimedia design programs at post secondary and training institutes or for entry level employment.

Program Overview

Graphic Design

The participants learn essential skills for both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Basic skills include opening/saving projects, customization of workspace/tools, managing/editing layers. The participants will manipulate images and creating vector-based graphics.

Video Production

The participants will create stories first through storyboarding and scripts, then using visual images. They'll become comfortable with the camera functions and formats. Develop creative possibilities and a desired vision using production tools. And, exercise camera techniques that allow the finished video to flow seamlessly.

Digital Video Editing

The video-editing portion of the program will explore file managing and digitalization of acquired footage. Participants will effectively edit footage within Adobe Premiere Pro. Tasks will include creating/saving projects, import footage, utilize available tools, and navigate timeline. The participants will apply/customize available effects, and export project to file.

Web Design

Participants will learn essential client side programing, using the industry standard web development software Adobe Dreamweaver. Participants will be introduced to creating a website mockup, designing web graphics outside of Dreamweaver, and implementing HTML and CSS to create/style a website. The program focuses on self-programing without any support from the tools Dreamweaver offers to modify HTML or CSS.

Motion Graphics

The participants will create Flash-based animation in Adobe Flash. This portion of the program stresses creation of animation and dynamic interactive media for web and multimedia applications. Participants learn how to animate object, animate with sound, create symbols, and assemble motion tweens.

Word From the Elders

Elders play a significant role in Aboriginal societies. The experiences and wisdom of Elders will be shared through guest appearances, pertinent videos, and field visits. The participants will gain an appreciation of the role of Elders in Aboriginal society and the man contributions they have to offer to the future.

Cultural Arts

This course will also look at the role First Nations, M├ętis, and Inuit artists play in interpreting and understanding our contemporary world. Through guest visits, pertinent videos and field trips, the participants will discuss and the importance of community, in the building, shaping, and the fulfillment of artistic ideas. The program will look at the interconnectedness of worldviews through critical analysis taking into account spiritual, physical, intellectual, and emotional being.


Internships will last up to 4 months. The participants will develop their own internships in partnership with program coordinator and facilitators. A comprehensive list of internship providers will be developed prior to program start. The internships provide participants with the opportunity to supplement coursework with practical work experience related to their educational program. Participants work under the immediate supervision of experienced personnel at the business location and with the direct guidance of the Instructor.


  • Navigate within Windows or Mac
  • Minimum grade 10 education
  • HD Camera and portable hard drive are required, and can be purchased through ICMI

Prior knowledge of Interactive Multimedia is not needed.