Using Technology for Indigenous Cultural Preservation & Celebration

Indigenous Culture and Media Innovations (ICMI) is an artist-run multi-arts organization that provides access to the arts for Indigenous people in Canada using some of the latest technology possible. 

We are committed to enhancing the employability and life skills of Indigenous people, with a focus on increasing the digital capacity of youth and women. ICMI achieves this by providing professional development opportunities, projects, productions, facilities, and equipment to Indigenous communities. 

ICMI is excited to welcome all levels of expertise to produce new works and arts programming that is focused on celebrating, preserving and enhancing traditional and community knowledge with the opportunities technology represents.

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We always have exciting Indigenous cultural and artistic programs and projects on the go.

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Empower Indigenous communities and explore ways to get involved with our organization. We provide resources about the latest best practices and protocols for engaging and in collaboration with Indigenous artists and communities as well as land acknowledgement guidance.

To support Indigenous artists and communities, we also provide a list of funding and grant programs to better help bring your creative and cultural projects to life. 

ICMI’s focus over recent years has been how technology presents challenges and opportunities for Indigenous creative work and culture. 

We have had great success in leveraging everything from simple websites to VR/XR/AR and have some exciting projects expected to launch this year.

Learn more about InDigital Cultures and get some glimpses into what we are planning next.

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