Empowering Indigenous voices and supporting Indigenous artists.

Indigenous Culture and Media Innovations (ICMI) was founded in Six Nations of the Grand River Territory with the goal of preserving and sharing Indigenous cultures through multimedia initiatives. Since its inception, ICMI has expanded its reach to several other Indigenous communities in Ontario, Quebec, and Newfoundland.

In the past, Indigenous Culture and Media Innovations has offered programming in multimedia training initiatives, music, performance, dance, visual arts, and land-based cultural camps in communities across Canada. Throughout its history, ICMI has valued the strength within the community and continues to strive towards creating a more equitable and empowering future for Indigenous people in Canada.

Our Team

Our team is driven by a passion for Indigenous arts and culture and a commitment to advancing Indigenous communities.

Monique Manatch

Monique Manatch is a Knowledge Keeper and member of the Algonquins of Barriere Lake. Currently, Monique is a student at Carleton University taking a doctorate program in Anthropology focusing on the impact, use and creation of digital arts in the Indigenous community. Her Master’s Degree is in Indigenous and Canadian Studies with a specialty in Digital Humanities. Monique also holds a post- graduate diploma in Indigenous Policy and Administration.

In 2004, Monique became founder and Executive Director of Indigenous Culture and Media Innovations (www.icmi.ca). ICMI is dedicated skills development of Indigenous women and youth through the production media and arts. Monique has facilitated Indigenous artists and community members throughout Ontario and Quebec.

Over the past 20 years Monique has produced several video documentaries about Indigenous issues. Monique also facilitated the production of videos and community radio programming with women and youth from Kitigan Zibi Anishnabeg, Barriere Lake, Moose Factory and the Indigenous community in Ottawa.

Tyler Compton

Tyler Compton is a skilled graphic designer, web developer, and video producer based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Tyler's journey in the creative industry has taken him through years of experience and a variety of projects, including graphic design, video production, and web development.

Tyler's passion for creating visually captivating pieces is matched only by his love for storytelling. He takes great pride in his ability to convey messages through his art, exploring the many ways in which images and words can work together to tell a story.

Born an Ojibwe from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Tyler brings a unique perspective and sense of cultural awareness to his work. Through his role with ICMI, Tyler has been able to collaborate with Indigenous Cultures & Media Innovations for over 10 years, honing his craft and developing his skills.

Indigenous Culture and Media Innovations envisions a world where Indigenous peoples are empowered to preserve, revitalize and share their cultures through the media arts.

Indigenous Culture and Media Innovations is committed to creating equitable access to multimedia tools, training and resources that support the artistic expression and cultural preservation of Indigenous peoples. We provide community-based workshops, mentorship, and production support that encourages critical thinking, storytelling, and innovation. We strive to cultivate and amplify Indigenous voices in the media arts industry.