Indigenous Culture and Media Innovations (ICMI) is an organization that brings together artists, language speakers, Elders, researchers, teachers, and community members. We engage in exciting projects that blend Indigenous culture with Digital Arts, aiming to celebrate and amplify Indigenous voices.


At ICMI, we are deeply committed to community driven initiatives. We aim to actively support and create an inclusive space for all Indigenous people. Currently, we’re inviting talented Canadian Indigenous digital artists to participate in a one-hour Zoom session. During this session, artists can share their skills and discuss how they create digital art. This provides an opportunity for mutual learning and a platform to showcase the diverse perspectives within our community.




  • Conduct a one-hour Zoom segment showcasing your digital art techniques and craft.

  • Share insights into your artistic journey, creative process, and the intersection of Indigenous culture and Digital Arts.




  • Indigenous digital artist residing in Canada.

  • Skilled in digital art medium, including but not limited to digital painting, graphic design, 3D modeling, animation, and digital illustration, etc.

  • Experience using relevant software/tools for digital art.




ICMI will provide a $500 artist honorarium for the session in accordance with the CARFAC-RAAV Section 4 – 2024 Artist Professional Services Fee Schedule.